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Unique features


You don't depend on the particular SDK of a hardware manufacturer. You can deploy many types of different beacons from different manufacturers.


Attach your own data to every beacon to categorize its purpose and provide back meaningful data to your particular app. Data is updated in REAL-TIME.

Advanced Analytics

We use BigData technology to provide you with real-time complex beacon analytics. You can analyze visits, beacon statistics, and you can even define your own custom parameters!


You can use our server-side REST API to automate things like updating beacon meta-data or extracting custom analytics.
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Getting started

Integrating OneBeacon into your own application is really easy.

Behind the scenes

How does it work

OneBeacon's innovative Android and iOS client libraries will handle the actual Bluetooth beacon detection and processing. Once beacons are found, the library will connect to our secure Cloud back-ends and synchronize the available beacons data. Your mobile application will then be able to handle the associated data for those beacons, and will be notified in real-time when that data changes or new data is added for any currently beacon in range.


Featured apps

  • Pusho

    Pusho is a shopping app that uses Bluetooth beacons to offer discounts and special offers to users. Merchants can create campaigns and send vouchers to their store visitors.
    The beacon scanning is powered by the same OneBeacon library which we provide.

    Download from Google Play

    Beacon Monitor

    Discover all the beacons around you using our Beacon Monitor app. It can find any type of iBeacon, URI beacon, AltBeacon, and other types of Low Energy devices, and present to you all their properties, depending on their type.

    Download from Google Play

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